My classes will inspire your young learners to grow beyond their imaginations!


The BEE Kids curriculum is designed to spark the imagination of your child whilst giving him or her the tools to showcase their own abilities. In my online classroom, I like to take the fun way round; students will be actively developing reading, writing, listening and speaking skills without  realising it! We will focus on core skills such as phonics, vocabulary, grammar, cloze passage, comprehension and composition but in such a way that the students enjoy the lesson and are engaged in the subject matter at all times.

I use a balanced mix of MOE aligned curriculum and top quality British enrichment materials developed in the United Kingdom. 

For my English as a second language learners, I have many wonderful, colourful ebooks that are interactive. We play English language games every lesson at the start and at the end. Your kids will look forward to my class!


            Classes Starting Soon


Hurry! There are limited time slots available! 

Zoom meetings and free trail classes are available upon request.

The below chart is a suggested schedule.