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Bright English Elite is a private English tuition service that caters for VIP adults and kids. I focus on teaching British English and making learning languages fun!
Based in the United Kingdom, Bright English Elite offers online adult group classes, online private classes, online group kid’s classes and online 1-2-1 kids English classes.

Bright English Elite offers a wide range of private, group and online classes.

We specialise in teaching British English.

Are you looking for fun lessons with a friendly teacher who knows how to lift your confidence? Look no further than Bright English Elite. 


General English classes

Business English classes

Conversation classes 

Kids writing classes

PSLE exam skills 

Confidence boosting classes

Meet your teacher!


Hello Language Learners! My name is Miss Cher and I am the Lead Teacher & Founder of Bright English Elite. I have been teaching English for over ten years. I come from the UK but I lived in China for almost 3 years and Singapore for 7 years. I now split my time between England and Spain.

I have a Masters degree in Creative Advertising and experience working in the advertising industry. This means that my business English classes are always interesting. If you are looking to improve your English with online classes  then Bright English Elite is the right choice for you. I specialise in making learning fun and boosting confidence. I am a friendly and outgoing teacher. I promise you will have a great time in my class.

As my background is in teaching English as a second language and MOE aligned tuition, I have lots of experience working with adults and young learners. I absolutely love teaching and I get so much joy from helping my students build their confidence and find joy in a new language.

If you would like to know more about me or my classes, please get in touch!

More about my courses...

If you are looking for general English courses or business English courses I will definitely have something to suit you. My general English classes and  business English classes run throughout the year. My business English courses can be tailored to suit your industry by request. Similarly, if you are interested in conversation classes, I can create a course to suit your needs. English conversation classes are a great way to boost your English speaking confidence.

BEE Kids 

I offer a range of kids English classes online.  I use a balanced mix of MOE aligned curriculum and top quality British enrichment materials developed in the United Kingdom. I have creative writing classes for kids in Singapore, confidence boosting classes and a curriculum which teaches PSLE exam skills. I offer kids English classes at levels K1-P6.

Does your child study English at school but they are afraid to actually speak English? My class is a lot of fun and by the end of it, your child will be communicating with me in British English.